Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Island, Bagels, Beerfarts & Skateboarding

This past weekend Gary, Colbert, Kurtz and myself made our way up to LI to see the 'Book Club Too' Premiere and visit some brosephs.

Digi-cam movies and beers make a good combination

Kuato Lives 2084

Kurtz and Geechy


Paul and Mike were there!

Push-up contest

Fuck you

She deserved it

My head hurts

Just tryin' to get out, get some grub. I don't know... bagels?


Lifestyle shot

...Lifestyle shot

After shredding all day we set up camp at Mike's house

When I was younger, whenever my parents took the family camping I was always so psyched to wander around the campground and look at all the cool, different tents. And let me tell you, we had all kinds of tents. Here we got the basic, easy to set-up Coleman tent.

The long and skinny bachelor tent

The crab tent

The steezy tent

And the spaceship tent

We had a fire to keep us warm


Mike and Colbert cooked the best dinner

Shish Kebabs and potatoes

Dinner is served

Happy Campers

This is your brain on Miller High Life

May come in handy sometime

The things you can do with free sidewalk chalk. At least he has Melissa's wipey to clean it up!

What just happened?

Long Island peeps love bagels

Black Jon met up the next morning

And Rich met up too! Went skating all day but I guess I forgot to take more pictures. Adios.

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