Monday, March 29, 2010

It's always sunny in _______________!!

This past weekend Luke and I headed down to Philly to see an art show at Exit. Willy Akers, Zander Takatomoaosodfsofotoo, Bill Sands, Pat Heid, Ricky Gieger and a few others had some talent to be seen. There was also this sweet band playing with a girl that killed it on the harp.

Mmm... Pizza

Lots of familiar faces came through

Willy gave us a place to crash and shows us some of his photos he shot on the last 5boro trip

There was a 'best beard competition' in Philly last week

Went out to shred

Fat lady sitting on a fire hydrant

Met up with Tombonation

And drove to this spot

Later we went to Mitch and Connor's house

A true American

High Gravity





Brother and Sister


Break Shit from Wes Buck on Vimeo.

Later on we went to a party for my friend Max and Lisa's birthday

Scary Growler was there

Luke was all crazy like

Nik was gittin his Skynyrd on

Kyle was gittin his Skynyrd on

Stopped at Checkers with Kristen and Luke where a big gangster dude poured vodka all over my face

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