Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pittsburg Trip

This is a little belated but on St. Patty's Day weekend, Derek, Funky and myself took a short trip to Pittsburg to skate and visit Derek's sister. At 11:00pm Friday night we jumped in my car and took off.

By 3:00am we were still 3 hours away, so we pulled in a parking lot off the highway, covered up the windows with blankets and tried to sleep. Couldn't sleep so I decided to teach Derek how to drive my sweet 5 speed so he could get us there. Little did Derek know, I get an extreme case of anxiety when other people are driving. I bitched at him the rest of the way when I woke up to him driving my radical car 85mph around a curve in fog so thick, you wouldn't be able to see the end of your pecker if you went out to take a leak.

Finally got to the house at 6:00am. and went to sleep.

Next two days we skated spots all over. Here are some benches Derek likes to grind.

Heres some benches Funky likes to tailslide

Here are some banks I like to ollie

The second night we went to this Hookah bar called the Sphinx. There were a bunch of funny people sitting on cushions on the floor around tables smoking Hookah and drinking coffee. While we sat around there was this disturbing opera/techno band playing with Eminem on the spinning table, Jack Sparrow on the guitar and Oprah singing. It was f*cked up. I started to get an anxiety attack. It went away though once I convinced Funky to get a picture with Oprah.

Mexican Restaraunt

Derek found this on a bathroom stall while at a rest stop. Uncle Buck.

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such a rad trip