Sunday, March 27, 2011


Shinetown, V, Dustin, Gary and Mike's sister Karen came out throughout the first two weeks of March. Pat also drove out and stayed for a month. The house was crowded but there were good times for sure. Thanks for coming out y'all!

V and Shiner just landed

Jenga time

V built us a coffee table from one sheet of birch wood

He cut all the pieces to slide right together. Looks rad V. I think IKEA will think so too...

Hey there Dorsey!


Some of the largest Redwoods to ever grow in Northern California are a 30 min drive from our house in Muir Woods

Shitty HDR iPhone 4 camera

Here he is.... Garebear!

Luke bet Shiner if he landed a trick in 3 tries then Shiner would have to jump in the freezing cold, mercury infested Bay. Shiner lost and they agreed to have him eat four super burritos instead. Ultimately, Luke won that bet.

Brings back good memories.

Off to the city

Pogo Stick

Dustin showing his true roots as a Pocono's mountain man

16th & Mission

Morning stretches

What's going on in this picture?

Take a closer look....


Skyping with Luke, Gary and Charlie Sheen

Pier 7

I'll tell you the lame story one day

This story isn't so lame. V showing his punk side.

Living room decoration

All the homeys

Late night Ethiopian food binge

Kristen flew out again with Phil for the weekend. These are some Redwoods in Big Basin outside of Santa Cruz.

Running from Troll 2 goblins

Inside the Mother of the Forest

Big trees eh?

Jean the prophet


Kristen at Davenport

Phil enjoying life

Jean & Mr. Pocket

Slippery rocks

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