Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years '10

Went up to my parent's cabin for New Years with a few familiar faces. After a long 4 hour drive which should have only been 2 1/2 hrs. Phil, Val, Colbert, Michelle and myself finally arrived in the Catskills. First, Phil and I had to figure out why the water heater was leaking. After a bit of trial and error we realized that the valve was open.

Not this valve but another one

Phil brought up the Quoit board and shoveled out a playing field.

Mike and Jana arrived later and mike pulled out his new creation. It's called the frozen meathead. Redbull, Vodka and fresh snow.

Pour the vodka

Crack the Bull

Frozen Meatheads

This is how they make you feel. Really nice! Clutch!

Jana representing the 610 in the 607

The snow was falling, the air was cold but the quoits were still thrown

Sweeper boy!

And the games are on.

Phil and Val Battling against each other for the glory

Holy Diver!

About to be a ringer

Keeping my beer nice and cold

Michelle, happily frozen.

Went back inside for warmth and more drinks. Vodka and Wine frozen Meathead

The only time I'm screwin' shorties is when I'm changin' trucks! oh!

Great Times Everyone. Hope to go up to the Catskills again soon!

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