Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baaston, Lobster Shitbags & Aliens

Chad, Kyle, Derek and myself took a trip up to Boston on Columbus Day weekend. Robin gave us a place to stay and showed us some good nightlife in the city. There are tons of spots scattered around the city and are all in skating distance. All in all, it was a fun trip.

Once we arrived right outside the city this really attractive lady suddenly turned extremely unattractive when she began puking in this rubbish can from a long nights drink.

An 8 hour car ride of traffic made us get our drink on too.

New Lost Soul Skateboards coozies keep your drinks nice and cold.


Woke up early the next morning to git er skate on, na mean? Gi, gi gi gu giggidy giggidy goo.

Found some nice brick banks to skate

Skated around and found this guard rail spot

Found this little nugget

Next spot was mannies into the bank

We met up with some heads from Orchard skate shop and Jeff showed us one of the local spots where you can skate all day. See that bridge in the background? As we were skating Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were filming for a new movie "Wichita" and had to jump out of a helicopter onto the bridge for one of the scenes.


Suddenly it got dark

Dem Baaston locals have funny slang words and accents.

Eventually we headed back to Robin's place... and she wasn't home.

Hangin out

The next morning. Best steak and eggs I've ever had.

Skating around

Dead end

Day 2 it was too windy to skate but Dblock was having fun skating in 30 mph winds.

Kyle killin it.

Chad, Robin and I went out for Lobster later that day. Robin ate the Lobster's shitbag which I tried too and it tasted like, well... shit. I never understood rich people and their delicacies. A lobster's asshole is not a delicacy.

Mmm... lobster shitbag.

$25 lemon shots and pastry.

After dinner we went out to a local bar with local music.

A good night.

On Monday we headed home and stopped in the city of Hartford, CT to avoid traffic and skate a bit. This is a whole business city and it really creeped us out because it was completely dead on Columbus Day. Basically, the only people we saw were crackheads and inbred folks. We also saw aliens in the local Starbuck's. It was like that movie 'The Truman Show.' Everyone had their set paths they take everyday and secretly wanted to keep us in their fucked up world forever. They were all zombies. Let me tell you, if December 21, 2012 really is the end of the world, it's going to begin in this disturbing place. Fuck the city of Hartford. I will never go back. I hope some crazy ass inbred people bomb that place to the ground.

Hartford did have a few cool spots though...

Aliens trying to take our pictures.

Gap to noseslide to get kicked out by a security guard who talks with 'clucks' and walks around with the body language of a 50 year old hippy lady, who is really into astrology.

The guillotine where the Hartfordian's destroy you.

After quickly leaving Hartford, we headed south and eventually stopped in New Haven. This is Yale University, where everyone is very smart and skateboarders are the extreme outcasts in society. This is why the 610 is 'home sweet home.'

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