Sunday, August 2, 2009


Woodward Provides a nice hearty breakfast in the morning
Dirty Camper Babies that don't shower all week but kill it every day.

Target is a big sponsor for woodward and put up a few hundred grand to build this nice little skateboarding plaza.

The future Bethlehem Skate plaza

This is Dylan from my morning instruction group. He's 12 and knows more about life than me. He's so damn weird but fucking hilarious and made my day everyday by telling ridiculous stories that made absolutely no sense.

This is Dylan's griptape artwork. It's one dinosaur humping another saying, "I'm-a-lick-alot-a-puss."

This is Woodward's megaramp. Every thursday young kids fly down this death trap to catch big air like Johnny Tsunami.

Our good buddy Lowell is the most normal dude ever.
first go at the kicker ramp.

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