Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weezer/Blink 182 Show

Po sold me a ticket for a Blink 182 show this past weekend. Once I found out who was going I knew shit was going to hit the fan. Bubba, Brendan, Kurtz and Max as our DD drove down to the Camden waterfront in NJ for a once in a lifetime experience. The object was to get completely retarded as possible before we got to the show... and we did.

Before I got dropped off at Bubba's house I saw this poodle sitting in this van like a person. I yelled at the poodle to get its attention and it didn't even look. It just sat there, motionless, like a human.

Busch pounders and a 30 pack of MGD on the way to NJ is an excellent way to start off the festivities.

Rest Stop.


I don't know man, just chillin.

Super wasted.

A true champion.

After seeing Stephen King's IT when I was really young I've been sketched out by clowns. Who wouldn't be though if some alien clown who turns into your worst fears climbed out of your shower drain and killed you? IT the Kurtz climbs out of the fresh Camden Waterfront.

Max releasing some stress from the 3 hour car ride full of 4 retarded assholes. This is why we skateboard.

Oh yeah, we finally we got to the show. This was right after a few fights and me getting my ass kicked by a really hot girl during Weezer for no reason at all. But afterwards though, I got to grind up against a really hot emo chick during Blink 182 so that was nice. She said she goes to Westchester and likes to party. I just kept dancing.

Thanks for the ticket, Po. It wouldn't have been half as fun though without the crazy crew I was with. Thanks for good entertainment everyone.

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