Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pittsburgh Again.

We left for Pittsburgh around 8 am. For some reason I didn't sleep the night before so Nik drove the whole way. Lucky me.

Kyle Working out

Now tired

I had the directions to Pittsburgh stored in my 16 Gig Ipod touch because I'm mad tech and shit. For some reason though, they got deleted so we took the old fashion route and busted out the Pennsylvania state map. Clutch!

There are four tunnels on the way to Pittsburgh. This is what the last one would look like if you were on acid.

Homeless person.

Before we got on the road we stopped at a bagel store and bought 3 dozen bagels, cream cheese, and turkey. That fed us for about 2 days.

Dblock enjoying the turkey sammy.

The birds in western PA love to aim their fecal matter at people or at personal objects. Everyday on this trip I would wake up with my car covered in bird shit. I woke up one morning with my hoodie, towell and shoes covered in bird shit, and also while eating lunch, a bird shit on my hat. Lucky for me, my brim saved the bird from crapping on my turkey sammy bagel sandwich.

One of the local shops out on Carson Street in Pittsburgh is called One-Up Skateshop. Here is one of their shop boards. Greg helped us out a bunch by giving us directions to spots and also let us skate their mini ramp when it rained.

Henry Panza who rides for Vox, and Traffic Skateboards owns his own screen printing business called 'Pure Eco Screenprinting'. Here, he makes his shirts for his company Direction East and also prints for a bunch of others. They also do local art shows here and mini ramp sessions. It's a sweet little building. There are even clean bathrooms with magazines ranging from Skateboarder to Playboy.

Front Door

Henry showed us his studio

Printing Presses

Some Artsy boards

More art

And the Ramp with Nikita executing an excellent pivot to fakie

A random locally built spot with dirty ground, artificial trees and a fun place to skate

The city

kyle ollie

Derek and Weinie

The band

My business

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